The Small Lineup

Process <1 g to 200 g of any material

Blue and black Small FlackTek Speedmixer


Small black and white speedometer icon

Rotation Speed – Up to 3500 RPM

Black and white square with arrow icon demonstrating volume

Container Volume – Up to 515 cc

Black and white weight icon

Material Weight – Up to 200 g

Black and white icon with wrench and two arrows demonstrating torque

Motor Torque – Up to 1.9kW (2.5HP)

*Machine specs depend on specific configuration

*Model shown – DAC 330-100

  • 3 screen size options
  • Up to 150 programs
  • Remote operation
  • Torque, vibration, speed readout
  • Data acquisition

Optimal for Small Batch and Rapid Development

Perfect for R&D

The small FlackTek SpeedMixer® is perfect for applications where you need to mix very small amounts of materials, such as rapidly formulating R&D test batches, performing quality assessment on small batches, and performing lab screening.

Compact and Powerful

A touch screen interface makes programming in mixing settings quick and easy. The FlackTek™ can store up to 3 programs for SE models, while our Pro models can store up to 150 programs with up to 10 mixing zones.

Precise Results

With the FlackTek™’s characteristic precision and repeatability, you can accurately and safely process your materials and dose or dispense small batches. Perfect for pharmaceutical compounding, research, and more…

No Waste

When working with limited amounts of material, every last bit counts. With FlackTek’s bladeless mixing technology, you lose no material to mixing or stirring blades and have a wide range of closed containers to choose from for total mixing flexibility.

Better, Faster – Formulation and R&D

Recommended for environments such as R&D, formulation, lab screening, QA testing, and and specialty production, the small line of FlackTek™s offer an innovative desktop-sized mixer with weight capacities from <1 g up to 200 g and cup volumes of up to 515 mL.

In addition to three off the shelf models, the small lineup can be customized to meet your unique process specifications.

Model Maximum Container Volume Maximum Material [per container] Max Speed (RPM) Size (HxWxD, in.) Machine Weight (lbs) Touch Screen Interface Programs Mixing Zones Static Vacuum Mixing
DAC 330-100  PRO 330 mL 100 g 3500 21 x 12 x 16 75 Yes 150 Up to 10 Optional
DAC 330-100 SE 330 mL 100 g 3500 21 x 12 x 16 75 Yes 3 1 Optional
DAC 330-100 L 330 mL 100 g 3000 21 x 12 x 16 75 Yes 0 1 Optional
DAC 515-200 PRO 515 mL 200 g 2500 21 x 12 x 16 75 Yes 150 Up to 10 Optional
DAC 515-200 SE 515 mL 200 g 2500 21 x 12 x 16 75 Yes 3 1 Optional

Take a Small FlackTek™ for a spin.