Meet Your Mixing Specialists

We’re passionate about helping you deliver better, faster results.

THE Mixing Experts

FlackTek™’s engineers, industry specific specialists, and innovators are dedicated to advancing materials processing. Our in-house team of software, mechanical, electrical, and design engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of our technology, and bringing you the latest innovations in bladeless processing.

We work with customers all over the world to optimize their mixing and processing with our innovative FlackTek™ products.

The processing time for the majority of our customers is under 3 minutes!

Your Solutions Engineers

Alexandre Gatti

Alexandre joined the FlackTek team in January 2013, bringing with him a solid background in Chemistry, including a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. With expertise in dental composites, gained from his experience as a former customer of FlackTek, Alexandre offers a unique perspective and a wealth of practical knowledge. Based in Curitiba, his practical approach and deep scientific understanding make him a relatable and trusted figure for our customers in Brazil and South America. When he’s not solving complex problems for our clients, Alexandre is often found tinkering with his old car, a hobby that showcases his love for mechanics. Although mountain biking has taken a back seat since his two kids came along, his passion for it remains.

Axel Rohde

Hailing from the Informations and Communications Technology sector as a consultant, Axel manages FlackTek SpeedMixer® clients across the Benelux region of Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Brad Herrmann

Brad’s journey began as a SpeedMixer™ user 6 years ago, and he’s quickly advanced using his skills to become our East Coast Sales Manager. Armed with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from York College of Pennsylvania, Brad quickly made his mark in industry, working for a leading medical device manufacturing company. He’s a hands-on problem solver, always eager to roll up his sleeves and work alongside his customers in the lab to tackle complex mixing challenges related to development, materials, and manufacturing.

Christopher Nickels

With an entrepreneurial background in grinding equipment and technical skills in R&D and chemical formulation, Christopher strives to provide FlackTek SpeedMixer® customers in Canada with ongoing support and updated techniques to help them push their mixing capabilities further. Christopher loves fine dining, golf, and traveling the world.

Dale Flackett

Dale’s expertise in silicones and sealants spans over three decades. As the original founder, and namesake of FlackTek™ in 1996, he’s truly a master mixologist, concocting solutions in polymers, powders, crosslinkers, catalysts, and even cocktails.

David Hsieh

With over four decades of chemical industry experience, David has been a dedicated member of the FlackTek SpeedMixer® team since 1997. David manages international FlackTek clients across Asia.

Derek Williams-Wynn

A passionate problem-solver with over 30 years of chemical industry experience, Derek is a dual asymmetric mixing pioneer responsible for managing and supporting FlackTek SpeedMixer® customers in over 40 different market sectors across Europe.

Drew Tyger

Drew is a mechanical engineer who’s found his true passion in SpeedMixer™ and is now our West Coast Sales Manager with over 6+ years of SpeedMixing experience. After graduating from Penn State, he gained valuable experience in a range of engineering positions and at one point specialized in high-end silicone sales. Drew spends all the time he can outdoors hiking, biking, and is also a stellar volleyball player!

Manuel Pallás

With over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry, Manuel is dedicated to bringing his high knowledge for polyester resins, varnish, paints, cosmetics and more to bear for FlackTek SpeedMixer® customers across Europe.

Matt Gross

Matt started his career as a materials science engineer at Ball Aerospace, specializing in developing adhesives and coatings using a SpeedMixer™. With several patents and academic papers to his name, Matt is well-suited to lead a team of SpeedMixer experts. He co-founded FlackTek™ and currently oversees its manufacturing facility in CO. Matt’s dedication to his family and love for outdoor activities balance his professional pursuits.

Pablo Marino

Pablo has a diverse background in hospitality and years of manufacturing expertise in silicone vasculature. An encounter with FlackTek turned him into a customer, and now an advocate for our technology. It allowed him to streamline his processes and reduced waste in tasks like pigment mixing, and de-airing silicone. Beyond work, he loves exploring skateparks with his kids, supporting The Lakers, and working on his golf game at the driving range.

Paul Engen

After finishing a career with 3M, and as a SpeedMixer™ user, Paul brings a wealth of material processing experience to the table. He’s always willing to lend a hand with any challenges or needs his customers have! When he’s not SpeedMixing Paul is likely fishing, enjoying all that the rivers have to offer.

Rob Mortensen

With over 20 years of experience at Dow Corning prior to joining FlackTek, Rob utilizes his ample experience in manufacturing, product development, tech service, and customer support. He loves being a grandparent and spending time with his family.

Ted Reynolds

As one of the cannabis industry’s earliest FlackTek™ adopters, Ted has been a pioneer for the use of SpeedMixing in the cannabis industry. As part of our service team, Ted is takes care of clients in the cannabis industry across the United States. Ted has a passion for the outdoors, from hiking to snowboarding, he’s always in for an adventure.

Service and Support

Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality service and support for our customers, from annual preventative maintenance to repair services, we keep your SpeedMixer™ in top shape. We’re known for our quick response times and the ability to troubleshoot and repair any issue that may arise. Our service guarantee ensures our customers are fully satisfied.