Meet Your Mixing Specialists

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THE Mixing Experts

FlackTek™’s engineers, industry-specific specialists, and innovators are dedicated to advancing materials processing. Our in-house team of software, mechanical, electrical, and design engineers constantly pushes the boundaries of technology, bringing you the latest innovations in bladeless processing.

We collaborate with customers worldwide to optimize their mixing and processing with our innovative FlackTek™ products.

Achieve fast results: The processing time for the majority of our customers is under 3 minutes!

Your Solutions Engineers

Alexandre Gatti

Alexandre joined the FlackTek™ team in January 2013, bringing with him a solid background in Chemistry, including a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. With expertise in dental composites, gained from his experience as a former customer of FlackTek™, Alexandre offers a unique perspective and a wealth of practical knowledge.

Based in Curitiba, his practical approach and deep scientific understanding make him a relatable and trusted figure for our customers in Brazil and South America.

When he’s not solving complex problems for our clients, Alexandre is often found tinkering with his old car, a hobby that showcases his love for mechanics. Although mountain biking has taken a back seat since his two kids came along, his passion for it remains.

Axel Rohde

Hailing from the Informations and Communications Technology sector as a consultant, Axel manages FlackTek™ clients across the Benelux region of Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Brad Herrmann

Brad’s journey began as a FlackTek™ user over 7 years ago, and he’s quickly advanced using his skills to become our East Coast Sales Manager. With a solid foundation in Mechanical Engineering from York College of Pennsylvania, Brad has left an indelible mark in the industry, initially cutting his teeth at a leading medical device manufacturing company before bringing his talents to our team.

He’s a hands-on problem solver, always eager to roll up his sleeves and work alongside his customers in the lab to tackle complex mixing challenges related to development, materials, and manufacturing.

Outside the lab, he’s a loving husband, father, and man of adventure. Currently, he’s on an exciting journey to obtain his private pilot license. When he’s not above the clouds or solving the latest mixing conundrum, you might find him cruising on his motorcycle.

BJ Davis

BJ handles Texas, with a unique background that spans animal genetics and computer science. His pivot to IT during COVID-19 exemplifies his adaptability and eagerness to learn. BJ is passionate about deeply understanding our customers’ needs, especially when it comes to solving materials processing problems, and he believes strong relationships are the foundation of success.

Outside the office, BJ is an outdoor enthusiast and an accomplished water sports athlete, having skim boarded semi-professionally. His recent journey into fatherhood has added a new layer of joy and discovery to his life.

With BJ’s eclectic past, he brings an unparalleled enthusiasm and depth to solving our clients’ challenges—making him a truly distinctive force on our sales team.

Christopher Nickels

Christopher leverages his extensive background in R&D and chemical formulation to drive innovation and support for FlackTek™ customers across Canada, and provide expertise in grinding/milling processes and equipment. His commitment to delivering top-notch assistance and advancing mixing techniques demonstrates his dedication to the industry’s growth and his customers’ success.

Outside of his professional life, Christopher has a refined taste for fine dining, enjoying the exploration of new culinary experiences wherever his travels take him. He’s also an avid golfer, finding solace and challenge on the golf course, which provides a perfect balance to his busy work life. Travel is another passion of Christopher’s, offering him the chance to immerse himself in diverse cultures and gather new perspectives that enrich both his personal and professional outlook.

Dale Flackett

Dale’s expertise in silicones and sealants spans over three decades. As the original founder, and namesake of FlackTek™ in 1996, he’s truly a master mixologist, concocting solutions in polymers, powders, crosslinkers, catalysts, and even cocktails.

David Hsieh

With over four decades of chemical industry experience, David has been a dedicated member of the FlackTek™ team since 1997. David manages international FlackTek™ clients across Asia.

Dominic Suoto

Dominic recently joined the West Coast sales team, armed with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley. He aims to use his technical expertise and charisma to enhance customer relations and develop new ones in Northern California. His strategic approach ensures top-notch support and solutions for clients.

Beyond work, Dominic’s passions include coaching, card games, and live sports. He’s an accomplished athlete with extensive experience in college and semi-professional baseball and holds a unique position as a partial owner of the Green Bay Packers, along with nearly 5 million others.

With a blend of engineering skills, business insight, and engaging hobbies, Dominic is a key asset to our team and a committed partner to our clients.

Derek Williams-Wynn

A passionate problem-solver with over 30 years of chemical industry experience, Derek is a dual asymmetric mixing pioneer responsible for managing and supporting FlackTek™ customers in over 40 different market sectors across Europe.

Drew Tyger

Drew, a Penn State graduate with a solid background in mechanical engineering, has truly found his niche in FlackTek-ing, where he sets the example as our West Coast Sales Manager with over 7 years of FlackTek™ experience. His journey through diverse engineering roles and a stint in high-end silicone sales has paved the way for his current success, combining his technical acumen with a flair for connecting with clients.

Outside the professional realm, Drew’s passions extend deeply into the outdoors. He is an avid trail runner, hiker and biker, relishing the challenge and tranquility of nature’s trails. His enthusiasm doesn’t stop at terrestrial adventures; Drew is also a stellar volleyball player, bringing the same intensity and teamwork to the court that he does to his work. This blend of outdoor activities is more than just hobbies for Drew; they are a vital part of his lifestyle, offering balance, rejuvenation, and a sense of connection to the environment around him.

Ethan Zawatski

Ethan’s background in Biology, combined with his hands-on lab experience, makes him passionate about assisting customers in finding precise solutions. He’s dedicated to applying his scientific knowledge to help clients navigate their challenges with innovative and customized approaches.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ethan is an avid lover of the outdoors. Whether it’s golf, tennis, skiing, or hiking, he seizes every chance to engage in physical activities, showcasing his zest for life and nature.

This blend of scientific expertise and outdoor enthusiasm allows Ethan to connect with clients on multiple levels, offering solutions that are not only effective but also grounded in a deep understanding of real-world applications. His commitment to both his work and personal passions positions him as a key contributor to our team, driven to excel in customer service and to make a meaningful impact.

Manuel Pallás

With over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry, Manuel is dedicated to bringing his high knowledge for polyester resins, varnish, paints, cosmetics and more to bear for FlackTek™ customers across Europe.

Matt Gross

Matt started his career as a materials science engineer at Ball Aerospace, specializing in developing adhesives and coatings using FlackTek™ technology. With several patents and academic papers to his name, Matt is well-suited to lead a team of FlackTek™ experts. He co-founded FlackTek™ and currently oversees its manufacturing facility in CO. Matt’s dedication to his family and love for outdoor activities balance his professional pursuits.

Neil Haznar

Neil’s distinguished background encompasses mechanical engineering, nuclear power, aviation, and the medical sectors, alongside significant leadership as a CEO. This fusion of technical acumen and executive oversight grants him deep insights that aid our customers’ innovation, operational excellence, and strategic vision.

An enthusiast of the great outdoors, Neil’s passion for hunting, fishing, mountain biking, and various other activities demonstrates his commitment to resilience and adaptability. He believes mastering nature’s challenges requires the right mindset and meticulous preparation, principles he applies equally in his professional endeavors.

His unique mix of skills and enthusiasm not only introduces innovative solutions and insights but also cultivates a culture of persistence and resilience. With Neil’s influence, our team is poised to navigate complex challenges and innovate beyond conventional boundaries.

Pablo Marino

Pablo brings a unique blend of hospitality experience and silicone vasculature manufacturing knowledge to the table. His journey with FlackTek™ began as a customer, where he quickly saw the value in our technology. It revolutionized his approach, streamlining his pigment mixing and de-airing processes while significantly cutting down waste.

Outside the professional sphere, Pablo cherishes time spent exploring skateparks with his children. A die-hard Lakers fan, Pablo’s support for the team goes beyond mere fandom—it’s a passion that lights up his leisure time. Additionally, he is dedicated to improving his golf skills, often found at the driving range working on his swing. Pablo’s hobbies not only reflect his dynamic personality but also his commitment to family, sportsmanship, and self-improvement.

Paul Engen

After a distinguished career at 3M and as an experienced FlackTek™ user, Paul contributes a rich background in material processing to our team. His expertise is matched by his eagerness to assist customers with any challenges or needs, showcasing his commitment to excellence and service.

Outside of his professional life, Paul is an avid fisherman. He finds solace and joy in the serenity of rivers, embracing the peace and the excitement that comes with fishing. This passion for angling not only reflects Paul’s appreciation for the outdoors but also his patience and attention to detail—qualities that serve him well both on and off the water.

Rob Mortensen

Rob’s tenure at Dow Corning, spanning over two decades, has not only honed his expertise in manufacturing, product development, technical service, and customer support but also shaped his approachable and solutions-oriented persona. At FlackTek™, he leverages this wealth of experience to tackle challenges, always ready to go the extra mile for his customers with a mix of professional insight and personal dedication.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rob’s role as a grandparent illuminates his warm, family-oriented character. He treasures the time spent with his family, embodying the role of the doting grandparent with enthusiasm. This love for family time is a testament to his caring and nurturing nature, reflecting a life rich in both professional success and personal fulfillment.

Ted Reynolds

Ted stands out as a trailblazer in the cannabis sector, being among the first to integrate FlackTek™ technology into the industry. His pioneering efforts have not only showcased the versatility of FlackTek-ing but also set a precedent for its application in cannabis processing. Ted is dedicated to supporting our cannabis industry clients, ensuring they make the most out of FlackTek’s capabilities.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ted’s enthusiasm for the great outdoors is unmistakable. Whether he’s hiking through rugged trails or snowboarding down slopes, Ted is always up for an adventure. This passion for outdoor activities not only reflects his adventurous spirit but also his appreciation for nature’s beauty, offering a balance to his groundbreaking work in the cannabis industry with FlackTek™.

Service and Support

Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality service and support for our customers, from annual preventative maintenance to repair services, we keep your FlackTek™ in top shape. We’re known for our quick response times and the ability to troubleshoot and repair any issue that may arise. Our service guarantee ensures our customers are fully satisfied.