Specialty and Custom

Tailor-made FlackTek™ for any industry, application, size, and scale.

5 different colored FlackTek SpeedMixers arranged in a circle

Endless Customization Options

Boost Performance

Tackle a wider range of mixing material extremes, enhance efficiency, productivity, and boost performance with:

  • Heavy duty drive system
  • High & low density balance configuration
  • Adjustable arm counterbalance
  • Twin baskets for dual containers
  • Visual aid for mixing optimization
  • Custom configured volume / weight

GMP and Enhanced Safety Options

Tailor your machine to fit your specific working environment with enhanced features like:

  • SCADA access
  • Password protected
  • User level logins
  • Data capture – RFID / QR / 2D barcode scanner
  • Batch label printer
  • Clean room rated SS body
  • HAZLOC rating
  • CE / UKCA / UL
  • Remote operation
  • External safety interconnect

Full Automation and Custom Software

Fully automate your process and enhance your user experience with fully custom software and automation options like:

  • RoboDAC™ automated system
  • Production automation ready
  • Servo-driven automatic lid
  • End effector ready vac lids
  • In process thermal feedback
  • Remote predictive maintenance
  • On screen diagnostics

Look and Feel

Color outside the lines, and completely personalize your machine and accessories with personalization options:

  • Custom colors
  • HMI/screen layout
  • Pre-programmable process settings
  • Custom logos
  • Custom accessories

Robotic FlackTek™ – Ultimate Processing Automation

Robotic FlackTek™ offers all the standard benefits of FlackTek™ technology, coupled with an automated collaborative robot. Lights-out manufacturing with options can include:

  • Automated program updates: A printed-adhesive 2D barcode on the bottom the cup to indicate speeds/times & unique mixing profile for each cup. The 2D barcode also works with external automated processes/scans within your facility.
  • GMP ready: Each cup is serialized so that when a process is complete, the user can verify via stored data, which specific cup underwent what specific mixing profiles speeds, times, and dates.
  • Automatic incoming feed & outgoing feed: Lights out automation is possible as long as there is a steady supply of cups.
  • Error handling: If for whatever reason a mix can not be completed, the cup is electronically marked and physically stored to the side. This is noted within the mixing data log. This ensures only fully processed materials are sent to the outgoing line.

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