Simultaneously disperse conductive or insulative powders into resins, homogenize, and de-air.

Precise material mixing is vital for producing high-performance, electrically conductive coatings and solder paste.

FlackTek™’s innovative bladeless, dual asymmetric centrifugal mechanism offers faster and more effective homogenization than traditional methods, benefiting manufacturers of thermally conductive/insulative silicones, epoxy resins, metal powder systems for solder paste, and formulations like epoxies, polyurethanes, parylene, and acrylics used in conformal coatings.

Common Challenges and Solutions


The Challenge: Chief among major challenges in mixing formulations for electronics is the amount of time and labor it takes to prepare and formulate slurries, pastes, binders, and other solutions and the immense difficulty of achieving homogenous results consistently and repeatably.

The Solution: FlackTek™ offers a high-speed mixing technology that significantly reduces the time and labor required for preparing and formulating slurries, pastes, binders, and other solutions. The FlackTek™ efficiently blends and disperses materials within minutes, streamlining the formulation process.

The Challenge: The ability to disperse powders into slurries or pastes with varying concentrations and materials densities.

The Solution: The FlackTek™ excels at dispersing powders into slurries or pastes, achieving excellent homogeneity even with varying concentrations and materials densities. This capability ensures uniform dispersion of powders and enhances the quality and performance of electronic components.

The Challenge: Improper mixing can result in dispersed fillers and additives settling over time.

The Solution: FlackTek™ minimizes settling issues by achieving thorough and consistent dispersion. The high-energy mixing action helps prevent the settling of dispersed fillers and additives, ensuring long-term stability and performance of the formulations.

We help you process these materials, and more…

  • Conformal Coatings: e.g. MG Chemicals 422B-340G, Techspray 2108-12S, HumiSeal 1B31, Dymax 9-20557, Electrolube HPAF
  • Conductive Inks: e.g. DuPont 5025L, Creative Materials 120-06, PPG Industries 4849-1001, NovaCentrix Metalon® ICI, Vorbeck Materials Vor-ink™ 2-012
  • Solder Pastes: Alpha Metals OM-353, AIM Solder WS482, Kester 959T, Indium Corporation Indium10.1, Senju Comtek RMA-218
  • Oxide-filled Gels: Parker Chomerics CHO-SEAL 1298, Henkel LOCTITE ECCOBOND 286, 3M
  • Ferrite, Copper, and Tungsten Compounds: Ferroxcube 3F3, Magnetics 6042C, Mueller Electric BU-27, McMaster-Carr 8917K41, Stanford Advanced Materials (Tungsten Heavy Alloy Rod)
  • Thermally Conductive and Insulative Resins: Dow Corning TC-4015, Ellsworth Adhesives ResinLab EP1104, Lord Corporation CoolTherm® EP-936, Electrolube HPA-HT

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does FlackTek™ offer over traditional mixing methods in the electronics industry?

Unlike conventional mixers, the FlackTek™ is non-invasive and requires no blades, minimizing the risk of contamination and simplifying cleaning procedures. Additionally, its high-speed mixing action achieves rapid dispersion, homogeneous blending that’s perfectly repeatable, and efficient wetting of materials, resulting in superior product quality, reduced processing time, and increased manufacturing efficiency.

How can I solve the challenges of settling and agglomeration of materials in electronic formulations?

FlackTek™ effectively addresses the challenges of settling and agglomeration in electronic formulations. Its high shear dual asymmetric mixing results in thorough dispersion, preventing the settling of conductive fillers and additives over time. By achieving uniform dispersion and breaking down agglomerates, FlackTek™ helps maintain the stability, reliability, and performance of electronic formulations throughout their lifespan.

Can FlackTek™ accommodate the mixing of dissimilar materials, such as incompatible resins and fillers, in electronic formulations?

Yes! FlackTek™ is suitable for mixing dissimilar materials commonly encountered in electronic formulations. The centrifugal mixing action creates a dynamic process that facilitates the blending and dispersion of materials with varying densities, leading to uniform distribution throughout the formulation. As a result, the FlackTek™ eliminates density-related inconsistencies and produces high-quality electronic materials.

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