We’re Ridiculously Helpful

We do the hard work, so you can create best-in-class products.

For 25+ years, we’ve sold and serviced high-quality, high-tech, centrifugal mixers.

We now offer FlackTek™ manufactured machines, supplies, and accessories to meet all your needs, from R&D to industrial production. In addition, we provide in-depth training, expert technical service, and rapid customer support.

FlackTek™ designs, customizes, manufactures, and supports machines at our state-of-the-art facility in Colorado. Whether you visit us in person or send us your materials, our robust applications lab is equipped to solve your mixing challenges.

FlackTek™ is Different

In how we live, work together, and treat our customers and suppliers.
Our fundamentals form the foundation of our culture and drive our edge, innovation, and success.

Deliver Legendary Service

It’s all about the customer experience. With every interaction, we aim to do the little and big things that surprise people and stand out for their helpfulness. Create the “WOW” factor that transforms customers into raving fans and keeps them returning for more.

Deliver Results

While the effort we give matters, customers expect results. We will follow up on everything and take responsibility to ensure that tasks get completed. Set high goals, use measurements to track our progress, and hold ourselves accountable to achieve those results.

Be Relentless About Improvement

We regularly evaluate the way we work to find ways to improve. We are never satisfied with the status quo; and won’t settle for “Because we’ve always done it that way” as an acceptable reason. Our team guard against complacency, and always search for ways to get things done better, faster, and more efficiently.

Embrace Change and Growth

What got us here differs from what will take us to the next level. We aren’t afraid to step outside of our comfort zone rather than stubbornly sticking to the old ways of doing things. We are excited by the possibilities that change and growth brings, and remain flexible.

Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes

We seek to understand our customers’ world. Know their challenges and frustrations, and try to see the world from their perspective. The better we understand them, the more effectively we can anticipate and meet their needs.

Be Vigilant About Confidentiality

Our clients share information because they trust us. We will honor that trust by keeping their information confidential and taking appropriate steps to safeguard how and where it’s used. The same is true for information about our organization and our teammates.


If you can’t mix it, we can. If you can mix it, we can help you do it even better.

Over 25 Years
of Excellence

We are people passionate and dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Since 1996, FlackTek™ has been delivering industry-changing mixing results with a core focus on quality and performance, offering mixers, supplies, and accessories for all your mixing and processing needs.

Solutions for
Every Application

We can solve any processing challenge. From the extremely viscous, to working with material extremes and beyond. Not only do we provide expert advice, we can also customize your FlackTek™ and accessories to support any mixing application, at any scale.

Proudly Made
in the USA

We take pride in the fact that our FlackTek™ products are the result of a team of experts who truly understand the technology and the needs of our customers. Every FlackTek™ is now designed and meticulously manufactured in Colorado at our state-of-the-art production facility. Our locally sourced components make our response and lead time faster than industry standards.

Comprehensive Guidance
and Support

We proudly support our FlackTek™ customers for life, offering comprehensive and world-class guidance. Our field team travels globally, offering everything from product demonstrations to on-site preventative maintenance wherever you work.

Dale Flackett

Dale’s expertise in silicones and sealants spans over three decades. As the original founder, and namesake of FlackTek™, he’s truly a master mixologist, concocting solutions in polymers, powders, cross-linkers, catalysts, and even cocktails.

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