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FlackTek™ provides machines and accessories for your processing needs.

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Small up to 200g FlackTek SpeedMixer

Small up to 200g

The smallest SpeedMixer™ is countertop-sized and can mix as little as a fraction of a gram and as much as 200g of material, making it perfect for rapidly formulating R&D test batches or for specialty production.

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Medium up to 1 kg FlackTek SpeedMixer

Medium up to 1 kg

With the medium FlackTek™ you can easily and quickly mix anywhere between 200g and 1000g of materials. The versatile range in throughput paired with its compact footprint makes it makes it one of our most popular lineups.

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Large up to 20 kg FlackTek SpeedMixer

Large up to 20 kg

The largest FlackTek SpeedMixer® is capable of handling mixes of up to 20 times more material than our medium series. Ideal for larger production, turnover batches faster, with no cleanup, and elevate your production capabilities.

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Specialty and Custom FlackTek SpeedMixer

Specialty and Custom

We create a variety of custom and specialty machines ranging from simple modifications like custom colors to more complex projects needing custom geometries, special balancing and unique exterior skins.

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Comprehensive Products and Accessories

Cups and Accessories

Ready-to-ship and custom options for:
  • Plastic cups, buckets, and lids
  • Holders
  • Grinding media
  • Transfer, dispensing, cartridges, and syringes
  • Stainless Steel and reusable containers

Cups and accessories arranged on a table

Robotic FlackTek SpeedMixer on a custom table

Fully Automate Your Process With a Robotic FlackTek™

Free up your teams to focus on more important tasks, with the automated features of the robotic FlackTek™. An automated collaborative robot, it’s compact enough to fit on a large office desktop in your lab, that provides superior high-throughput mixing, formulation, and record-keeping.

With the robotic FlackTek™, you can keep mixing even when everyone’s clocked out for the day.

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