Cups and Accessories

From one-time-use or reusable containers, to providing protective containers for photosensitive materials, we have it all. 

FlackTek™ Has You Covered

From Ready-To-Ship Accessories to Custom Solutions

Plastic Cups, Buckets, and Lids

SpeedMixer™ containers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to best suit your mixing processes and products.


Our holders ensure your container fits perfectly in your SpeedMixer™. From cups, cartridges, syringes, buckets, and more, we provide solutions customized to best suit your needs.

Grinding Media

We offer a wide range of milling and particle size reduction accessories and media so you can grind your dry powders and materials to whichever desired fineness your mixing applications require.

Transfer, Dispensing, Cartridges, and Syringes

We offer a wide range of syringes and cartridges, including our SpeedDisk™ and SpeedDispenser™. Transfer materials directly from cup to syringe or even mix directly in the syringe for more efficient operations.

Stainless Steel and Reusable Containers

Our products and accessories also include stainless steel options for mixing materials that may exhibit reactive characteristics with other materials.

Customized Accessories

Not finding the specific accessories you need? We can provide customizations for any category of accessory we offer, including different materials such as glass or metal, additives for custom colored containers, holders for specialty containers, multi-container holders, and more.

Order supplies, or request a custom solution.