Service and Support

Lifetime care for every FlackTek™ customer. 

We are committed to delivering comprehensive service and support in the form of mixing help, preventative maintenance and repairs to our customers worldwide.

We continue to service and maintain older generation machines which we may no longer distribute!

Monochrome FlackTek mixing machine illustration. To demonstrate Service and Support.

How can we help you succeed?

We provide comprehensive support to ensure the longevity and reliability of your FlackTek™.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

In addition to offering maintenance services, we also provide a wealth of information on how to extend the lifespan and performance of FlackTek™ products so that you can keep your mixer running smoothly.

Service Requests

From our service centers in Colorado and South Carolina and beyond, we offer multiple service options, including local and onsite repairs and maintenance.

Mixing Help

We have decades of experience to ensure we’re able to conquer all of your material processing needs and challenges. Send us your materials, or have us come to you.

Need help with an older generation machine?

Common Repairs

Our maintenance and service team will check/replace these common wear parts on any generation machine:

Belt replacements

Various bearings

Pulley replacement

Speed and time verifications

Supplies, consumables, holders, etc.

Supporting Older Models

We continue to support product lines that we used to distribute, including:

DAC 150 SpeedMixers™

DAC 250 SP SpeedMixers™

DAC 400 FVZ and DAC 400 VAC SpeedMixers™

DAC 600 FVZ and DAC 600 VAC SpeedMixers™

DAC 3000 HP and DAC 3000 VAC SpeedMixers™

DAC 5000 HP and DAC 5000 VAC SpeedMixers™

Need Help? Have Questions?