Pharmaceuticals and Compounding

Quickly and repeatably create uniform blends, conduct rapid R&D, and optimize your processes.

Advance medicine, discover, develop, and produce new drugs to effectively treat illnesses and promote public health.

With the FlackTek™, pharmaceutical production processes are optimized, ensuring no waste mixing and enabling the full incorporation of valuable active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This innovative approach enhances efficiency, reliability, and resource utilization in drug manufacturing, contributing to improved pharmaceutical outcomes. FlackTek™ also offers the unique ability to mix and de-air directly in a Topi-CLICK™.

Partnered with PCCA® – World Leaders in Pharmacy Compounding

Access a growing database of PCCA formulas developed exclusively for the FlackTek SpeedMixer®. Third-party stability and content-uniformity testing is performed on every FlackTek™ formula to ensure consistent, highly-reproducible results.

Common Challenges and Solutions


The Challenge: Historic practices for producing compounds required significant hands-on time beyond weighing of material. Procedures such as wetting out API, milling/mixing by hand, or using and cleaning a three roll mill take significant amounts of valuable time, while producing inconsistent results.

The Solution: The programmable nature of the FlackTek™ paired with no equipment cleaning between batches creates a significant increase in compounding efficiency. Our single use containers meet USP 800 requirements, streamlining the compounding workflow in the lab. Proper mixing profiles and material processing tips and tricks can eliminate the need for using a three roll mill and other processing equipment in the lab.




The Challenge: Improper mixing can lead to gritty and aerated final formulations.

The Solution: Proper material processing in a FlackTek™ leads to smooth, grit free topical compounds that are void of air, easy to dispense and smooth to the touch. These materials meet the pharmaceutical elegance that compounders seek to achieve, and our technical experts can help you solve these pesky issues.



The Challenge: Repeatable homogenzation of powders and other formulations.

The Solution: The FlackTek™ evenly homogenizes powder-in-powder triturates, ranging from 1:10 to 1:1000 dispersions. Typical powder/powder mixes can range from seconds to minutes, decreasing working time while removing batch to batch variability. Compounders can achieve this trituration in one step, or by using geometric dilutions.


We help you process these materials, and more…

  • Troches
  • Vaccines
  • Antibiotics
  • Blood thinners
  • Pain relievers
  • Topicals
  • Pharmaceutical cocrystals
  • Polymer carbopol
  • Siliconized photosensitizers
  • Memory polymer foams
  • Antimicrobial resins

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the FlackTek™ be used for the production of solid dosage forms, such as tablets or capsules?

Yes, it can be utilized in the development of granules, powders, or pre-blends that serve as intermediates for solid dosage forms.

The FlackTek™ is suitable for various pharmaceutical materials, including active ingredients, solvents, cocrystals, polymers, resins, and more.

Are there options that make the dispensing of pharmaceutical materials easier?

Yes, the SpeedDispenser™ is specifically designed to improve the transfer process by mixing directly within the dispensing container. By incorporating the SpeedDispenser™ alongside a FlackTek™ mixer, pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from a comprehensive solution that covers both efficient mixing and precise dispensing, ensuring accuracy and consistency in their pharmaceutical formulations.

FlackTek™’s engineering team joined forces with Dose Logix to develop a proprietary method to mix and deair directly in a Topi-CLICK™. Hormone replacement creams can be easily and reproducibly formulated directly in the container that your customer will use to dispense their medication. Because deaeration occurs within the Topi-CLICK™, accuracy of dosing is significantly increased throughout the course of the prescription.

Can the FlackTek SpeedMixer® assist in the development of new pharmaceutical formulations or drug delivery systems?

Absolutely! The FlackTek™ is an ideal tool for formulation development, enabling efficient and repeatable blending of active ingredients, excipients, and polymers to create innovative pharmaceutical formulations or drug delivery systems.

The FlackTek™ can also be used in vaccine production, efficiently blending components to ensure homogeneity and consistency. The quick mixing abilities also allow for rapid R&D with repeatable results that vaccine research and production require.

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