How Our Machines Work

FlackTek™ harnesses dual centrifugal acceleration to eliminate blades, bubbles, and contamination.

Turn Every Molecule Into a Blade™

We manifest innovation and precision at the molecular level, driving a revolution in technology that renders conventional mixers obsolete. Our groundbreaking approach allows us to harness the immense power centrifugal acceleration, giving you more powerful, efficient, and faster processing capabilities.

By eliminating the physical use of a blade, we not only reduce the contamination risks associated with traditional invasive mixing, we do this all without the hassle of cleaning and with perfect repeatability.

At FlackTek™, we are not just on the cutting edge—we are redefining it. 

How FlackTek™
mixes mills de-gasses disperses homogenizes

  1. Load material into your single-use container and place in the FlackTek™.
  2. Press start to spin the container (your material) both clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  3. The FlackTek SpeedMixer® mixes and de-gasses materials evenly and quickly via opposing forces within the container.
  4. Collect your perfect results, typically in just a few minutes!

The FlackTek™ is immediately ready for the next batch – no cleaning required.

**FlackTek™ patented Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge design

US Pat No. 11633704

Versatile Materials Processing

Mix • Dissolve • Disperse • De-Air • Coat • Strip • De-Gas • Grind • Mill

Viscous Materials

up to millions of cPs

Materials Extremes

thick/thin, high/low density


combine, disperse, coat

Grinding and Milling

wet and dry, from microns to nanometers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using a FlackTek SpeedMixer®?

FlackTek™ mixes perfectly, repeatedly, and quickly with no bubbles, no waste, and no cleanup! With programmable mixing settings, you can get perfect results every time with no risk of human error.

Do I need to adjust a counterbalance when using a lab-sized FlackTek™?

No – it’s not mandatory. Our lab-sized FlackTek™s do not require the active adjustment and use of a counterbalance. This frees the user from adjusting the machine for each different mixture weight/batch size and allows for faster mixing, easier procedures due to less hands-on interaction, and no chances of user error or machine damage from improper counterbalancing.

We can however customize your machine with configurable counterweight and counterbalance for your specialty needs

Do I really have to see it to believe it?

Yes. Seeing the FlackTek™ handle your unique applications firsthand is the best way to prove that it’s the perfect tool for your mixing applications – or even the solution to a problem you didn’t know you had!

Is the onsite demonstration completely free?

Yes! We believe wholeheartedly in our process and technology, so we’re happy to demonstrate to any interested parties that have a mixing need, completely for free!

What are other names for a FlackTek™ machine?

Some people refer to it as

  • The FlackTek™
  • Planetary mixer
  • Centrifugal mixer
  • High-speed mixer

Got a Mixing Challenge? Bring it on.