3D Printing

Solubilize and hydrate binder solutions, disperse live cells, simultaneously de-air while mixing, and more…

Rapid and repeatable processes is critical for 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

FlackTek™ technology grants a wide range of mixing abilities, types of mixing materials and viscosities. From small to large batches, we solve common mixing challenges by helping you quickly and repeatably homogenize thick oligomers and modify off-the-shelf resins, ensuring a void-free mixture.

Common Challenges and Solutions


The Challenge: Dispersing high surface area modifiers (such as fumed silica). Photocure resins often can be difficult to formulate due to long polymer swell times, viscous resins, and high surface area modifiers (such as fumed silica) which entrain air and impact clarity of the final resin.

The Solution: FlackTek™ technology allows you to create systems that incorporate photoinitiators and various rheology modifiers such as fumed silica. In SLS systems, end product properties are a direct outcome of dry powder homogenization, and the ability to quickly and uniformly disperse powders in small batches for R&D printing is critical.

The Challenge: The inability to modifyoff-the-shelf resins prohibits adequate performance in printing materials.

The Solution: FlackTek™ gives users the ability to modify off the shelf resins with materials of their choice without bubbles in the final formulation. Custom applications include modifying rheology, cure rate, elastomeric, thermal, or conductive properties, reinforcement/strength rigidity, and elongation durability. Consistency in mixing and processing from bladeless technology means exact replicability each time a material is created.


The Challenge: Processing materials without agglomerations to ensure consistent and high-quality print materials.

The Solution: FlackTek™ makes it easy to incorporate any material including photoinitiators and various electrical conductivity modifiers such as carbon black, enabling quick and uniform dispersion of powders in batches of any size, and as equally important - without agglomerations.


We help you process these materials, and more…

  • Cyanyte esters (e.g. CE280 – Novoset®)
  • Acrylates (e.g. CN9012 – Sartomer)
  • TPUs (e.g. Elastollan® Soft 35A – BASF)
  • Photoinitiators (e.g. Igracure 651 – Ciba®)
  • Silicones (e.g. Sylgard 184 Part A & Part B – Dow®)
  • Carbon black particles (e.g. Ace Black 100)
  • Fumed silicas (e.g. Cabosil® – Cabot)
  • Nanomaterials and nanopowders (e.g. Ultrafuse 17-4 PH® – BASF)
  • Nanoparticles
  • Thermoplastic
  • Silver flake
  • Resins
  • Metal powders
  • Various solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can FlackTek™ help me with material transfer? Can you transfer into a syringe?

We offer accessories to easily transfer material from our mixing cups into various syringes. You can also mix directly within the syringe or cartridge. We also offer our patented SpeedDispenser™ cup that you can directly mix and dispense from the same container with no transfer required. We can make any syringe 100% bubble/void free.

How do you maintain material integrity during the mixing process?

FlackTek™ mixers offer precise control over mixing parameters such as speed, time, vacuum pressure, and more. By providing accurate control with these variables, the mixer enables users to follow specific mixing protocols optimized for the compatibility of adhesive, sealant, and coating components and other formulations. This ensures proper homogenization without compromising chemical stability or material performance.

Can you mix photoinitiators with oligomers, or CMC and other hydrating binders?

Absolutely. The FlackTek™ excels at incorporating powders and/or liquids into other powders and/or liquids with no bubbles and no cleanup.

Our unique combination of power and versatility, and we provide the mixing solutions and processes to help you conquer the most challenging materials.

Need help optimizing your process?