Thinking of a Thinky Mixer?

Then please take the opportunity to meet the original Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge – the SpeedMixer.

We believe there is no substitute for quality. Our SpeedMixer assembly process is built on cutting edge modern day manufacturing principles – lean, advanced, and industry 4.0 ready. Each SpeedMixer is hand-built and assembled by highly qualified team members. We have an extensive supply chain located throughout the United States, but we also source parts internationally – sparing nothing to utilize the world’s highest quality componentry.

SpeedMixers built and designed by people who know how to use them.

Mix anything with a planetary mixer, from thick to thin materials, from semi-solids to fluids, to powders to paste, to creams, etc. From high density to low density to combining different densities or mixing the same densities. If you can’t mix, we can. If you can mix it, we can mix it better (quicker, more repeatable, no cleanup, virtually no material loss, bubble-free).

Contact us for your free onsite planetary mixing demonstration or comparison. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Small SpeedMixers

The small-size SpeedMixer product range contains machines capable of mixing up to 200g. SpeedMixers of this size are well-suited to rapid development of materials and lab screening, QA testing, R&D iteration, and small batch production because of the ease, precision and repeatability of mixing across batches. Small batches mean less material waste and decreased associated costs, which directly allow for fast and thorough prototyping.

Technical Specifications

[per container]
Max SpeedSize (HxWxD, in.)Machine Weight
Touch Screen InterfaceProgramsMixing ZonesVacuum Mixing
DAC 330-100 Pro330mL100g350021x12x1675Yes150up to 10Optional
DAC 330-100 SE330mL100g350021x12x1675Yes31Optional
DAC 330-100 L330mL100g300021x12x1675Yes01Optional
DAC 515-200 Pro515mL200g250021x12x1675Yes150up to 10Optional
DAC 515-200 SE515mL200g250021x12x1675Yes31Optional