Matt Gross

    Combining his engineering industry experience with an academic background, Matt enjoys providing elegant solutions to mixing and materials problems via the SpeedMixer.

    Matt started his career as a Materials Science Engineer in the aerospace industry. His specialty was aerospace driven custom formulated adhesives and coatings with a focus on nanotechnology and nano-materials. Applications ranged from highly emissive thermal coatings, custom dielectrics for antenna, electrostatic dissipative surfaces, self-cleaning surfaces, anti-reflective coatings and highly sensitive instrument calibration standards. Some of his best work is captured throughout peer-reviewed scientific articles as well as patent filings. He received his B.S. and M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Penn State University where he focused on polymer science and nanotechnology for energy applications.

    Matt lives in Boulder, CO with his family where they enjoy engaging in a variety of outdoor activities.

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