Specialty and Custom

The majority of our customers needs fall within our “off the shelf” offering of SpeedMixers, which are categorized into small, medium and large platform of machines. When your application requires a special or custom solution – we are here to help build you the perfect SpeedMixer.

We can create a variety of custom and specialty machines ranging from simple modifications like custom colors to more complex projects needing custom geometries, special balancing and unique exterior skins.

Contact us to help define what SpeedMixer will best fit your needs and applications.

Custom speedmixers colors

Mix Custom

We do have a range of specialty SpeedMixers, which are available as a short-order, to help customers overcome unique material density challenges.

Technical Specifications

[per container]
Max SpeedSize (HxWxD, in.)Machine Weight
Touch ScreenProgramsMixing ZonesVacuum Mixing
DAC 330-200330200g250021x12x1675No31Optional
DAC 330-200 PRO330200g250021x12x1675Yes150up to 10Optional
DAC 960-300960300g275023x17.2x25.6240Yes250up to 10No
DAC 960-300 VAC960300g275025.2x17.2x27.2249Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 960-500960500g235023x17.2x25.6240Yes250up to 10No
DAC 960-500 VAC960500g235025.2x17.2x27.2249Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 960-600960600g185023x17.2x25.6240Yes250up to 10No
DAC 960-600 VAC960600g185025.2x17.2x27.2249Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 1200-6001200600g185023x17.2x25.6240Yes250up to 10No
DAC 1200-600 VAC1200600g185025.2x17.2x27.2249Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 960-700960700g160023x17.2x25.6240Yes250up to 10No
DAC 960-700 VAC960700g160025.2x17.2x27.2249Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 1200-7001200700g160023x17.2x25.6240Yes250up to 10No
DAC 1200-700 VAC1200700g160025.2x17.2x27.2249Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 960-10009601000g160025.2x17.2x27.2255Yes250up to 10No
DAC 960-1000 VAC9601000g160025.2x17.2x27.2264Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 2000-100020001000g120023.6 x 21 x 30.1300Yes250up to 10No
DAC 2000-1000 VAC20001000g120026.5 x 21 x 32320Yes250up to 10Yes

An example of where a short-order specialty SpeedMixer can be utilized is in the electronics industry – mixing solder paste. Solder Paste is a high density paste- taking up very little volume but requiring a high weight capacity. We can assemble and build mixers to meet your specific high density or low density material needs.