Small SpeedMixers

This product range includes SpeedMixer ™ models with mixing weight capacities of up to 200 g and cup volumes of up to 515 mL. These SpeedMixers™ are ideal for R&D, small batch production and rapid material development, as precision mixing on this scale decreases costs and material waste while allowing for easily-repeatable batches.

Recommended for environments such as small specialty production, lab screening, QA testing, and R&D iteration.

Technical Specifications

[per container]
Max SpeedSize (HxWxD, in.)Machine Weight
Touch Screen InterfaceProgramsMixing ZonesVacuum Mixing
DAC 330-100 Pro330mL100g350021x12x1675Yes150up to 10Optional
DAC 330-100 SE330mL100g350021x12x1675Yes31Optional
DAC 330-100 L330mL100g300021x12x1675Yes01Optional
DAC 515-200 Pro515mL200g250021x12x1675Yes150up to 10Optional
DAC 515-200 SE515mL200g250021x12x1675Yes31Optional