Medium SpeedMixers

This product range includes SpeedMixer™ models with mixing weight capacities of up to 1000 g and cup volumes of up to 2800 mL. As always, these SpeedMixers ™ enable rapid, easy mixing and grinding of materials that would otherwise take significant time or effort to homogenize. Models in this range all have the optional capability for programmable vacuum mixing.

Recommended for environments that require both small-scale material formulation and scaling up to smaller pilot or specialty production quantities.

[per container]
Max SpeedSize (HxWxD, in.)Machine Weight
Touch ScreenProgramsMixing ZonesVacuum Mixing
DAC 1200-3001200mL300g230023x17.2x25.6230Yes250up to 10No
DAC 1200-300 VAC1200mL300g230025.2x17.2x27.2244Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 1200-5001200mL500g200023x17.2x25.6240Yes250up to 10No
DAC 1200-500 VAC1200mL500g200025.2x17.2x27.2249Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 1400-10001400mL1000g160025.2x17.2x27.2255Yes250up to 10No
DAC 1400-1000 VAC1400mL1000g160025.2x17.2x27.2264Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 2800-10002800mL1000g120023.6x21x30.1300Yes250up to 10No
DAC 2800-1000 VAC2800mL1000g120026.5x21x32320Yes250up to 10Yes