Large SpeedMixers

This product range includes SpeedMixer™ models with mixing weight capacities of up to 20kg per run as well as volumes up to 5-gallon buckets. These SpeedMixers are specifically designed for specialty and pilot production, as well as R&D requiring large batch sizes. Due to production needs, these large SpeedMixers can be fitted with twin baskets where you can mix 2 containers simultaneously. Models in this range all have the optional capability for programmable vacuum mixing.

Scaling up for production in the larger SpeedMixers is particularly easy when they are paired with a small or medium-sized SpeedMixer.

[per container]
Mixing Containers [per run]Max Total Batch Size [per run]Size (HxWxD, in.)Machine Weight
Touch ScreenProgramsMixing ZonesVacuum Mixing
DAC 10000-50002.5 gal (10000mL)5kg15kg56x64x813700Yes250up to 10No
DAC 10000-10000 Twin2.5 gal (10000mL)5kg210kg56x64x813700Yes250up to 10No
DAC 10000-5000 VAC2.5 gal (10000mL)5kg15kg56x64x813800Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 10000-10000 VAC Twin2.5 gal (10000mL)5kg210kg56x64x813800Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 14000-100003.5 gal (14000mL)10kg110kg56x64x813900Yes250up to 10No
DAC 14000-20000 Twin3.5 gal (14000mL)10kg220kg56x64x813900Yes250up to 10No
DAC 14000-10000 VAC3.5 gal (14000mL)10kg110kg56x64x814000Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 14000-20000 VAC Twin3.5 gal (14000mL)10kg220kg56x64x814000Yes250up to 10Yes
DAC 20000-100005 gal (20000mL)10kg110kg59x64x814150Yes250up to 10No
DAC 20000-20000 Twin5 gal (20000mL)10kg220kg59x64x814150Yes250up to 10No