The ideal lab mixer for rapid, precise, and easily-repeatable mixing

The FlackTek SpeedMixer® is the perfect dual asymmetric centrifugal lab mixing machine that allows for a repeatable processes from formulation development and testing to full scale production.

Our laboratory mixing machines feature closed-container systems that produce homogeneous mixes with less work, no mess to clean up, less wasted material, no risk of cross-contamination, and less turnaround time.

With SpeedMixer™, you can mix faster, cleaner, and better.

Why Choose a Dual Asymmetric Centrifugal Laboratory Mixer?

The SpeedMixer’s cutting-edge bladeless technology mixes and grinds like nothing else on the market – homogenizing your formulations more effectively than traditional methods, faster, and with less work.

  • Fast
  • Repeatable
  • No bubbles
  • No cleanup
  • Any material
    Any viscosity
  • Any application
  • Any size from lab to production

FlackTek SpeedMixer® Laboratory Mixing Equipment

Small SpeedMixer™

The small SpeedMixer™ fits on your countertop and can mix as little as a fraction of a gram and as much as 200g of material by weight or 515 mL by volume. The small SpeedMixer™ is perfect for applications where you need to mix materials such as specialty production, rapid formulation for R&D samples, and performing QA.

Medium SpeedMixer

The medium SpeedMixer™ line is recommended for environments that require both versatility in batch sizes, allowing both small-scale material formulation and larger batches up to 1 kg.Models in this lineup have optional capabilities,  including programmable vacuum mixing.

See what a SpeedMixer™ can do for your lab mixing:

A Faster and More Efficient R&D

Develop homogenized formulations in minutes or seconds rather than hours and do away with laborious mixing procedures with the FlackTek SpeedMixer®. The SpeedMixer’s non-invasive mixing technology ensures smooth and evenly incorporated mixtures without “hot” or “cold” spots, and its simple touch-screen interface and programmable settings make it easy to ensure precise and repeatable results.

SpeedMixers™ are ideal for academia, R&D, or any project where time and material cannot go to waste. With SpeedMixer™, achieve a repeatable mixing process that can easily be scaled, with zero waste, once you’ve nailed the perfect mix.

Continuous Customer Service and Support

We offer continuous maintenance and service support for all of our SpeedMixer™ products worldwide, from our newest generation of made in America machines, as well as previous generation SpeedMixers™ that we no longer distribute.

Our products are handmade by people who know how to use them and are available to you for technical mixing support well beyond the sale. We also provide a full range of support services to ensure the performance and longevity of your SpeedMixer™ including annual maintenance, and service repairs, both onsite, or at one of our U.S. locations.

speedmixer designer at a computer

Ready to Get Started? Let’s Mix It Up!