Industrial mixers and blenders don’t have to be frustrating to use.

Is the mixing process the slowest and most laborious part of your production processes? Is it hard to produce consistent and repeatable results in your formulations? Does cleaning between batches and preventing cross-contamination take more time than the actual mixing procedure does? Do you struggle to effectively remove air bubbles and voids from your formulations?

These frustrating issues might seem like a normal part of industrial mixing, but there is a better way.

FlackTek SpeedMixer®: The most innovative, versatile, reliable choice in industrial mixing machines.

For any industry – from aerospace and defense to chemicals to electronics, medical devices, and beyond – the SpeedMixer™ is an industry-trusted solution to all your large mixing problems, with weight capacities of up to 20 kg and container volumes of up to 5 gallons. Streamline your process and produce better materials with the ultimate.industrial mixing machine.

  • Fast

  • Repeatable

  • No bubbles

  • No cleanup

  • Any material

    Any viscosity

  • Any application

  • Mix at any scale, from lab to production

SpeedMixer™ helps you achieve any industrial mixing task quickly and easily.

Bladeless Mixing, Perfected

The SpeedMixer™ is the ultimate in bladeless industrial mixing equipment, utilizing a dual asymmetric centrifugal (DAC) to Turn Every Molecule Into a Blade™. Homogenize absolutely anything – with no air bubbles or “cold spots” – in minutes or even seconds at the push of a button.

Mix Quickly with No Cleanup

The SpeedMixer™’s DAC mechanism and closed-container system mean no cleanup between batches, eliminating both time-consuming cleaning and the risk of cross-contamination while dramatically increasing your industrial mixing throughput.

Precise Industrial Mixing, Every Time

Industrial mixing machines need to produce every batch to meet the exacting quality standards of your industry. Programmable SpeedMixing delivers the exact same job done the exact same way, every time.

A Flexible Mixing Solution for You

FlackTek SpeedMixer® products come in a range of sizes to meet the needs of your industrial mixing processes. With specialty models and custom SpeedMixers™, we can build the perfect industrial mixing machine to suit your every mixing need.

FlackTek SpeedMixer®’s technology makes the perfect mixing experience.

With SpeedMixer™, you can mix anything you need.

The SpeedMixer™ is designed for broad industrial mixing applications. If you can move it, you can mix it with FlackTek SpeedMixer®!

Liquids of any viscosity, particles of any fineness – SpeedMixing achieves perfect homogenization with precise and consistent results in minutes or seconds. Whether you need an industrial epoxy mixer, an industrial cosmetic mixer, or industrial powder mixing equipment, the SpeedMixer™ is the one-stop solution to your mixing problems.

Mix perfectly, mix quickly, mix easily.

Go from lab to production in a flash.

One of the chief difficulties in industrial mixing is scaling up from R&D to production. Scaling up from the lab mixer machine to your full production machines is never as smooth a process as it should be. But with the efficiency, precision, and dramatically throughput provided by the SpeedMixer™’s closed-container DAC mechanism, you’d be surprised to find out just how smoothly the lab-to-production transition can be.

Simplify your mixing processes with SpeedMixer™.

speedmixer designer at a computer

We know it sounds too good to be true. That’s why we want to show you the power of SpeedMixing for yourself – right before your eyes, with your materials.

The FlackTek SpeedMixer® is an industrial mixing machine that can handle anything you throw at it and transform your industrial mixing process – and when we say that, we mean it.

We know that talk is cheap, though, and videos just aren’t enough – which is why we’re willing to send a representative with a SpeedMixer™ to your facility.

Let us show you in-person how easily, quickly, cleanly, and safely the SpeedMixer ™ can handle your toughest and most demanding industrial mixing tasks.

We revolve around you.

The team at FlackTek SpeedMixer® is wholly dedicated to being your partner in mixing. We are scientists, not salesmen—here to help you find the exact SpeedMixer™ you need, develop the perfect process, and provide superior product support and service to unlock your full mixing potential.

Whatever your industry, we are here to help you solve all your industrial mixing challenges.

Make Way for the Next Generation of SpeedMixer™