What are the main benefits of using a SpeedMixer?

Mixes perfectly, repeatedly, with no bubbles, no cleanup and fast!

Do I need to adjust a counterbalance when using a lab-sized SpeedMixer?

No, lab-sized SpeedMixers do not require the active adjustment and use of a counterbalance. Thus, the user is free from adjusting the machine for each different mixture weight/batch size. The end result is faster mixing, easier process due to less hands-on interaction and no chances of user error / machine damage from improper counterbalancing.

Does the SpeedMixer have any blades?

No. The SpeedMixer works by using Dual Asymmetric Centrifuge (DAC), simultaneously spinning the cup/material in 2 different directions.  The opposing forces cause the material to quickly mix and remove bubbles.

Who will be visiting my facility for the demonstration?

Our team consists of local experts throughout the country with backgrounds ranging from chemistry to material science to engineering. We will find the perfect fit for you. Each local SpeedMixer contact is fully trained and comes with a technical background. We have seen thousands of different problems throughout practically every industry and are prepared with solutions for your specific mixing need.

Does the SpeedMixer actually remove bubbles when mixing?

Yes. The motion of our mixing will remove macroscopic bubbles or voids from your materials in-situ during the mixing operation. If you would like to remove microscopic, adsorbed air, solvent, moisture or other contaminants from your material, our vacuum SpeedMixer may be the best solution. Contact us to compare vacuum vs non-vacuum SpeedMixers.

How important is power when SpeedMixing?

Mixing speed required is related to many factors such as viscosity, filler content, shear behaviors, etc. The actual speed required to achieve proper, repeatable, bubble-free mixing depends on machine and cup size.

Are your mixing containers disposable?

You can choose to reuse or dispose of our mixing containers. They are priced at a disposable rate so that cleanup can be avoided. Some customers mix, store, and even sell material directly in our containers.

Do you only have lab scale mixers?

Our line of SpeedMixers covers <1g up to 20kg and everywhere in between. Many users find that the high-throughput capacity / fast-mixing ability of the SpeedMixer allows them to produce higher quantities of materials per unit time than traditional technology would allow.

Is your technology scaleable?

Yes, thousands of the products that you see and use every day have undergone the product cycle of formulation, R&D, pilot scale in the SpeedMixer and then scaled into production qualities using traditional mixing technologies. The SpeedMixer helps you formulate and find your desired material quicker and easier.

Do I really have to see it to believe it?

Yes. Seeing the technology work for your application first hand is the best way to show yourself and others that we may offer the perfect solution or an answer to a problem you didn’t know you had.

Is the onsite demonstration completely free?

Yes. We believe wholeheartedly in the SpeedMixer and are happy to demonstrate to any interested parties that have a mixing need. Completely free.

Will the SpeedMixer ‘over mix’ my materials?

No, the variable speed allows correct programming to offer a truly optimized mix cycle unique to your specific materials.

What is the thickest or highest viscosity material the SpeedMixer can handle?

The SpeedMixer can mix anything, from thick to thin, including up to multi-million+ centipoise fluids. “If you can move it, we can mix it!”

If you can’t mix it, we can.
If you can mix it, we can mix it better.
Let us show you.