SpeedMixers are commonly used to safely and non-invasively mix explosives, energetics, and pyrotechnics. SpeedMixing is ideal for cutting edge explosive applications such as nanopowders and highly filled materials. Features such as grounding capability, remote operation, and robotic integration help ensure user safety during operation. FlackTek’s experience integrating SpeedMixers into processes involving explosives, pyrotechnics, energetics, solid state propellants, ammunitions, and primers makes SpeedMixers a proven tool in the defense industry.


Problem: Safely processing explosive materials.

Solution: SpeedMixers can mix at small scales, down to fractions of a gram, allowing for simple experimentation with novel materials. Working at this scale helps minimize risk when processing high energetic materials.

Problem: Scale up from R&D to production environments.

Solution: The same risk-reduction capacity that enables safe mixing at R & D scale are applicable at production-size mixing capacity up to 20+ kg batches. Production scale batches can be done efficiently, repeatably, with lower risk of initiation, and full control over friction, impact, and thermal stability.


  • Homogeneously coated solids and air removal for cast-cure, melt-pour and pressed explosives.
  • Dry powder mixing for dry-blend formulations
  • Remote and/or robotic operation
  • No internal moving parts in contact with energetic materials, decreased risk of initiation
  • Simple dry powder formulation
  • Ability for controlled, small scale, rapid prototyping
  • Single use mixing containers, no risk of contamination between batches/formulations

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