Andrew Larsen

Andrew comes to FlackTek from the Electronic Manufacturing Services industry. First introduced to the SpeedMixer platform as a user, Andrew used the SpeedMixer to prepare solder paste for PCB [...]


Rich Moore

Rich began working with FlackTek in early 2015 where he spent his first year working mainly in the applications lab. This provided a strong foundation and large span of expertise that covers the [...]


Rob Mortensen

Rob has been with FlackTek since the spring of 2017 after retiring from 20+ years at Dow Corning. His years there were spent in manufacturing, product development in construction sealants and [...]


Ted Reynolds

As one of the cannabis industry’s earliest adopters, Ted helped pioneer SpeedMixer use for cannabis applications. His original work was focused on formulating water soluble and nanoemulsion [...]


Manuel Pallás

Manuel is a chemical engineer, with over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry and including high knowledge for polyester resins, varnish and paints and the cosmetic industry. Manuel [...]


Brad Herrmann

A former SpeedMixer user turned FlackTek team member. Brad received his B.S. Mechanical Engineering from York College of Pennsylvania and immediately started working in the industry at a medical [...]


Lance Jernigan

Lance Jernigan serves as the Lab Manager of FlackTek. Lance works on special projects and custom holders to fit our customers specific needs. He is a graduate of Louisiana Tech and served as a [...]


Axel Rohde

After working as a consultant in various ICT environments, my interest in the SpeedMixer was aroused because of the enthusiasm and pleasure that my father had in advising and supplying these [...]


Drew Tyger

Drew is a mechanical engineer turned SpeedMixer guy. After graduating from Penn State, he worked in various engineering roles before joining FlackTek. He enjoys interacting with customers and [...]

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