Compounding & Pharmaceuticals

Pharmacists and compounding technicians use the SpeedMixer to easily and repeatably mix, mill, and melt in compounding labs.  Common applications include mixing and de-airing topical cream and ointments for pharmaceutically elegant final products, melting and homogenizing gelatin troche bases and soft chew pet treat, and blending powders (such as 1:1000 powder dilutions) while reducing static, making for quick capsule loading. SpeedMixing also offers the unique ability to mix and de-air directly in a Topi-Click.


Problem: Historic practices for producing compounds required significant hands-on time beyond weighing of material. Procedures such as wetting out API, milling/mixing by hand, or using and cleaning a three roll mill take significant amounts of valuable time, while producing inconsistent results.

Solution: The programmable nature of the SpeedMixer paired with no equipment cleaning between batches creates a significant increase in compounding efficiency. The SpeedMixer’s single use containers meet USP 800 requirements, streamlining the compounding workflow in the lab. Proper mixing profiles and material processing tips and tricks can eliminate the need for using a three roll mill and other processing equipment in the lab.

Problem: Mixing and loading Topi-clicks is difficult and often leads to inaccurate dose dispensing.
Solution: FlackTek’s engineering team joined forces with Dose Logix to develop a proprietary method to mix and deair directly in a Topi-Click using the SpeedMixer. Hormone replacement creams can be easily and reproducibly formulated directly in the container that your customer will use to dispense their medication. Because deaeration occurs within the Topi-Click, accuracy of dosing is significantly increased throughout the course of the prescription.

Problem: Gritty and aerated final formulations.

Solutions: Proper material processing in the SpeedMixer leads to smooth, grit free topical compounds that are void of air, easy to dispense and smooth to the touch. These materials meet the pharmaceutical elegance that compounders seek to achieve, and our technical experts can help you solve these pesky issues.

Problem: Homogenizing Powder tiriturations.

Solutions: The SpeedMixer evenly homogenizes powder-in-powder triturates, ranging from 1:10 to 1:1000 dispersions. Typical powder/powder mixes can range from seconds to minutes, decreasing working time while removing batch to batch variability. Compounders can achieve this trituration in one step, or by using geometric dilutions.

Additional Abilities

  • Prepare highly concentrated master-batches to reduce processing time on common formulations.
  • Single use containers eliminate cleanup and risk of cross contamination between compounds.
  • Melt and homogenize gelatin troches.
  • Micronizing tablets and powders for formulation; easily mill using the SpeedMixer.​

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