Upgrade Your Chemical Mixing Game

Some chemical mixing tasks can feel virtually impossible with traditional bladed mixing tools. It can be laborious, time consuming and messy to homogenize materials with vastly different physical properties and incorporate additives and filler. Additionally, there’s potential risk of air bubbles and gases that can adverse affecting your chemical formulations, and risk for cross-contamination and safety hazards.

With FlackTek SpeedMixer®, achieve chemical mixing with unmatched precision and consistency every time.

FlackTek SpeedMixer® is the best chemical mixer machine — period.

With the SpeedMixer™, innovating in the chemical industry is easier than ever before. Our bladeless mixing technology makes it easy to create homogeneous chemical formulations quickly, cleanly, and safely.

  • Fast

  • Repeatable

  • No bubbles

  • No cleanup

  • Any material

    Any viscosity or fineness

  • Any application

  • Easily scalable

Overcome the biggest challenges in chemical mixer machines.

No Blades, No Bubbles

FlackTek SpeedMixer®’s dual asymmetric centrifuge (DAC) spins your chemicals in two directions at once and turns every molecule into a blade – producing perfect homogenization at the press of a button, with no air bubbles, voids, hot spots, or cold spots in your mixture.

No Cleanup, No Cross-Contamination

With the SpeedMixer™’s closed-container mixing mechanism, there’s no laborious cleanup between batches and no need to worry about cross-contamination or hazardous fumes. We provide containers in a range of materials to suit the unique reactive properties of your chemical formulations.

Precise Results, Every Time

A chemical mixing machine needs to deliver precise and consistent results to make dependable formulations for other industries. FlackTek SpeedMixer™’s programmable mixing capabilities mean you get the exact same results every time you mix.

Liquids, Powders, and Beyond

Do you need a chemical powder mixing machine? Or a liquid chemical mixing machine? The SpeedMixer™ does it all – mixing together even extreme differences in viscosity or particle fineness can be done with the press of a button and takes minutes or even seconds.

FlackTek SpeedMixer® helps you achieve every chemical mixing task.

Scaling up from R&D to production has never been easier.

You can mix an innovative new material in a small-batch laboratory setting – now you have to scale it up. Upscaling with traditional mixing technology is never as easy as it seems. But FlackTek SpeedMixer®’s fast, clean, safe mixing capabilities increase your throughput so much that even our smallest machine can make upscaling your production a breeze.

With SpeedMixing, the sky’s the limit.

A trusted mixing solution in the chemical industry.

FlackTek SpeedMixer® is an industry standard for large chemical manufacturers and producers worldwide – including Wacker, Dow, Sun Chemical, Dupont, Exxon, and more.

These companies have learned to trust SpeedMixer™ as the superior chemical mixing machine, backed by superior product support and service from our staff of chemical mixing experts.

The SpeedMixer™ advantage is yours to discover.

speedmixer designer at a computer

Does it all sound too good to be true? We know. Let us show you the power of SpeedMixing for yourself – right before your eyes.

When you’ve adopted the SpeedMixer™ as your chemical mixing machine, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it – and when we say that, we mean it.

We know that talk is cheap, though, and videos just aren’t enough. That’s why we will send a representative with a SpeedMixer™ to your facility and show you in-person easily, quickly, cleanly, and safely our chemical mixing equipment can handle your toughest mixing challenges.

We revolve around you.

We are scientists, not salesmen. We are not here to sell you FlackTek SpeedMixer® products – we are here to be your partner in mixing, to help you develop the perfect chemical mixing process to suit your needs and the needs of the manufacturers who rely on your chemical products to blaze trails in their industries.

We are chemical mixing experts focused on using our expertise to unlock your full mixing potential.

We help you solve all your mixing challenges.

Make Way for the Next Generation of SpeedMixer™