Additive manufacturing processes utilize numerous resins and base materials that can be processed and homogenized in the SpeedMixer. These materials include viscous, unreacted photosensitive polymers that are cured via light to form solid parts (via SLA or DLP printing methods), solid powders that are homogenized and fused via laser sintering, biologic and pharmaceutical materials, and multi-component reactive systems that can be precisely dispensed and structured. The SpeedMixer is the perfect tool for processing the diversity of base materials used in the field of additive manufacturing.

3D Printing

Problem: Creating adequate end product properties of the unique materials developed for printing is labor intensive, expensive, and requires time for research and development.

Solution: Photocure resins often can be difficult to formulate due to long polymer swell times, viscous resins, and high surface area modifiers (such as fumed silica) which entrain air and impact clarity of the final resin. SpeedMixing allows scientists to create systems that incorporate photoinitiators and various rheology modifiers such as fumed silica. In SLS systems, end product properties are a direct outcome of dry powder homogenization, and the ability to quickly and uniformly disperse powders in small batches for R and D printing is critical.

Problem: Inability to create adequate products or performance because off the shelf resins and printing materials do not meet performance specs.

Solution: SpeedMixing allows users to modify off the shelf resins with materials of their choice. Custom applications include modifying rheology, cure rate, elastomeric, thermal, or conductive properties, reinforcement/strength rigidity, and elongation durability. Consistency in mixing and processing from bladeless technology means exact replicability each time a material is created.

General Additive Manufacturing Expertise

  • Solubilize and hydrate binder solutions such as Carbopol and pluronic methylcellulose
  • Uniformly and viably mix and disperse live cells
  • De-aerate syringes of printable inks, reactive materials, biomaterials, etc.

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